Democratic Soundtrack Technologies

Moodelizer has cracked the code for quality soundtracking regardless if your adding instant music to your social videos, soundtracking your Youtube-content or producing video professionally.

We eliminate technical and judicial boundaries and on top of that, our technology is filled with high-quality music that you control with your fingertip. With the Moodelizer pad you comfortably control the intensity and variation of your soundtrack.

Moodelizer makes you the conductor of the orchestra so you can soundtrack anything.

Other platforms

Virtual Reality

An instantly dynamic sound format is a powerful tool in the VR world. Control music with your gaze and open up a new universe.


With Moodelizer Technology you can integrate music with maps and locations like never before. Have a song guide you to your location.


A code-efficient, quick and responsive solution to incorporate action based changes in music for games.


Jump from acapella via techno and karaoke versions of a song, all with just a quick swipe of your finger.