Dynamic music for video creators

Moodelizer Studio offers a collection of 100+ quality soundtracks specifically composed for Dynamic Playback™. Explore a wide range of genres such as Acoustic, Ambient, Cinematic, Electronic, Experimental, Orchestral, Pop and Rock. Find the perfect soundtrack for your film, TV content, ad spot, screencast, YouTube or Kickstarter video. Customize the music to match every frame of your video with the powerful editing tools of Moodelizer Studio.

Custom music for your project

If you like using Moodelizer Studio but want a Dynamic Playback soundtrack that’s unique to your project, just get in touch. We have a team of rockstar composers ready to create the perfect score just for your film.

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Compose for Moodelizer

Want to join us in making music scoring for film simpler? Then get in touch and learn how to compose music for Moodelizer. Learn how to create music for Dynamic Playback and offer your own music to our subscribers – you’ll be in great company.

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